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Review from Lou Curtiss

West Coast folk icon Lou Curtiss wrote a flattering review of our newest album in the San Diego Troubadour, saying, “these guys have a sound that would do that Golden Era proud.” Read the full review at the Troubadour website.

SD Union-Tribune & Troubadour

It’s been a great week for the band in local press. We made our 4th appearance at the Carlsbad Music Festival’s Village Music Walk, where San Diego Union-Tribune’s music critic Jim Chute was in attendance. The next day he wrote:

“Seriously, this is one tight, well-balanced, entertaining, five-piece (including jug) ensemble. The fine violinist Batya MacAdam-Somer is the real deal and singer/guitarist/banjo player Clinton Davis is a skilled frontman and capable vocalist. The most remarkable moment in their 25-minute set: They played a waltz, and all of a sudden you were somewhere else. It showed the amazing power of 3/4 time.”

Also: The San Diego Troubadour has featured us on the cover of their September issue! It’s on news stands around the county now and online.

#1 G Burns cover photo

“Screaming red Ferrari” Article

The San Diego Reader is running a short piece on us this week, declaring us “the screaming red Ferrari of jug bands”. I bet this means our first corporate sponsorship is right around the corner…Are you listening, Mr. Ferrari?! Check out the story here.


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